Your Online Personal Assistant

ListBoom's email automation streamlines your working day and core customer contact - your admin time just disappeared! Send reminders, birthday emails, follow-ups or business milestone messages out all at once to your database with scheduled email, with specific dates customised in advance for each individual customer on your email template.  As you create templates, they reflect and match your personal style and working relationship with your clients.

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Streamline and simplify customer interaction

Send email automatically and take your email communications to a whole new level with Listboom! Create and schedule effective customer-driven emails - and close the deal more often.  Our simple and efficient ListBoom service supports busy sales agents including Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Advisors and other commission-based professionals who regularly work with long sales cycles. 

Save time and money with email automation

We know that your work day is always busy, out on the go and often working from your car and smartphone between appointments. ListBoom's email template-based service will make your days easier and smoother as our scheduled email system takes care of regular interaction with both hot prospects and your wider database. Save time and marketing dollars and grow revenues as ListBoom's email automation frees you up to concentrate on what you do best - selling and building your business!

Know the right time for action and scheduled email follow-up

Winning new clients can be difficult, as you sift daily through who is genuinely interested and who isn't.  People are busy - and you are even busier - but repeat client sales, referrals and your reputation are fundamental to continually growing your business. So make contact with email follow-up when potential clients are interested and are free to talk with ListBoom's real time Email Notification System, which promptly lets you know when a customer opens your email.

If You Can Email, You Can Use ListBoom

We created ListBoom with a commitment to keeping things simple.  Creating and customising a ListBoom email template is just like writing an email.  Once set up and saved, you just make a few additional comments to personalise, make a few clicks to set up when to send your email's  and the rest is up to us.

Customer Driven Email