• Q: What happens if I exceed any of the limits on my plan?

    A: You will be notified that the limit has been reached, giving you the options to alter your existing account or to upgrade plans.

  • Q: Can I cancel anytime?

    A: Yes absolutely! If you sign up on a month by month basis then you can cancel at any time for any reason. No long term commitments to tie you down.

  • Q: Do you have annual billing?

    A: Not at this stage but are looking at this in the future for businesses that prefer one payment for the year.

  • Q: What happens after the free trial period?

    A: After the 30 day free trial, your account will be charged as per the plan you signed up for, and monthly thereafter. If you do not want to proceed after the 30 days, just let us know.

  • Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade plans?

    A: Yes of course! You can upgrade or downgrade your account anytime. You can even change part way through a billing period and will charge you accordingly by prorating your bill.

  • Q: Do you offer plans for larger teams

    A: Currently no, as ListBoom is designed to help very small individual businesses manage customer contact, without the need for assistants or large teams. We feel that by creating emails set up to be sent in the future, your database becomes far more valuable.

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